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The vision of Atlantis Software is that web development is not different of
traditional (desktop application) development and as such, the same standards
of quality must be applied, the same methodologies of development and
project management methods must be used.

Our Commitment

I n order to provide its clients with optimum service, and to ensure that their
business needs are met and their expectations exceeded, Atlantis Software
collaborates with the client during the entire engagement life cycle. We keep the
client fully involved at every phase, so that we are sure to fully understand and
address his needs. This also facilitates the early discovery of alternate solutions
that may be beneficial to the client, and also for the timely discovery of
previously unforeseen risks. With this high degree of Client-Atlantis Software
Solutions contact, there is no delay in advising the client of these solutions or
risks as soon as they are discovered. This allows adjustments to be made early
on, minimizing impact on time and cost.

The foundation of this collaborative approach is the clear separation of three
distinct area, around which the entire Atlantis Software Solutions project team
is established. The project team consists of the following key members: The
Commitment Manager (CM), who is the single point of contact (SPOC),
ensures proper communication with the client; The Business Analyst (BA), who
addresses the business rules and requirements, content requirements, and user
representation and communicates them to the client for validation and
communication to their technical team; and The Technical Analyst (TA), who
pays careful attention to the technical aspects of the project, and
communicates closely with the client's key technical contact along with the
developers and other technical staff.

With this method, requirements are decomposed into their business, functional
and technical specifications, allowing the client's subject matter experts to
review their areas of expertise for accuracy. Once this occurs, the client-
identified business experts will review requirements with Atlantis Software
Solutions, to assure their accuracy. Should adjustments need to be made,
these experts will so advise. This process is performed for the functional and
technical requirements as well. Additionally, the client identifies key decision-
makers for each area in the earliest phases of the project, and Atlantis
Software Solutions remains in frequent contact with these individuals to assure
their concurrence and approval every step of the way.

This focus permeates the entire Atlantis Software Solutions project approach. It
improves decisions, communications, the project team composition and the
entire methodology. It allows us to assess any client issues and address them
immediately with the appropriate solutions, considering the business drivers in
every decision. Our team of experts seeks to determine how technology can
be leveraged to address the needs of the enterprise.

Atlantis Software Solutions improves every day this communication process
and permeats us to provide the maximum flexibility to the tailored solutions we
offer. It is a key success factor in our shared commitment.
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