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Affordable Quality.

The main mission of Atlantis Software is to provide its clients with:
- highly qualitative solutions,
- that are cost-effective,
- that fullfill client requirements,
- that are built with the use of proven methodologies, methods and tools,
- that are delivered on time,
- on budget and
- exceed client expectations.

We want to prove that Quality and high results can be reached by
     -   specific problems resolution,
     -   expert collaborators,
     -   investment in R&D,
     -   flexible partners,
     -   affordable costs.

We have our developed our own CRM approach: Our customers are our main
focus and we are committed to help them in their success because our own
success entirely relies on their success. By becoming customer-centric, i.e.
shifting our competitive basis from marketing our services to building lasting
customer relationships, is truly an evolutionary process. A fundamental feature
of a fully customer-centric organization is managing customer knowledge.
Services-focused organizations use sales data primarily to report against
financial targets. A customer-centric organization mines sales, billing, service,
support and other data. This customer knowledge may be used to:

     -   increase staff awareness of customer importance,

     -   forge personal relationships with the customer,

     -   improve the service development process, and

     -   deliver value-added service that competitors cannot duplicate.
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